• Birthing Positive Experiences
    Anna Marina Ackerson
  • Birthing Positive Experiences
    Anna Marina Ackerson
  • Birth is not only about making babies . . .
  • Birth is about making mothers . . .
  • Strong, capable, confident mothers . . .
Birth Tub Rentals
Rent your birthing tub here for labor or water birth.  Anna Marina Ackerson's easy to set up and superior comfort birthing tub is available for rentals.  Find out more here:
Childbirth Classes
Anna Marina Ackerson is a LAMAZE trained Childbirth Educator.  Her childbirth classes are fashioned in the widely accepted LAMAZE techniques. Patient education is a fundamental of her Nursing studies.  Find out more about class offerings in your area here:
Birth Doula Services
Find out what Services are included when you hire Anna Marina Ackerson as your doula and how she can help make the most memorable day of your life a positive experience.

Birth Doula NJ NJ


Are you pregnant and trying to figure out how to prepare for birth and baby?  Do you have unanswered questions and maybe some anxiety about the birthing process?  Maybe you want to know more about Birth Doula Services in NJ?  Look around! Anna Marina Ackerson, Birth Services offers Birth Doula Services or Professional Labor Support to birthing mothers and families in  Monmouth County, NJ.  Pregnancy, Labor and New babies take some getting used to, and most women and partners have lots of questions.  A birth doula helps to clarify some of these questions or can help to direct you in your search for the answers you need.  A birth doula supports your birth choices and helps to make your birth experience a more positive one for the whole family.  Everyone benefits from a Doula, shouldn’t you?

Studies have shown that births with a Doula have:

 25 % Shorter labor

60% Reduction in Epidural requests

50% Reduction in C-Section

40% Reduction in Pitocin use

40% Reduction of Forceps delivery

30% Reduction in Analgesia use

Doulas support the mother and the Birth family during the complex emotional and physical demands of labor.  When this support is present it has been shown to lower the amount of obstetrical interventions, improve birth outcomes, improve the mother-infant relationship, improve breastfeeding outcomes, and improve the woman’s self esteem about herself and her birth.

DONA position paper about Birth Doula Support
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